Choosing dry, wet, or raw dog food?

Maybe in some people’s minds, this is not very important, but in reality, you really have to be able to choose and determine what type of food you will give your dog. You can visit our website to read Life Abundance dog food reviews.

Because usually if you choose dry dog ​​food, the price will be more affordable and more practical, this type of dry food actually also contains protein and vegetables that are really needed by dogs. But even so, it is a good idea to combine dry dog ​​food with wet and raw dog food so that your dog gets the best nutrition.

In addition, there are also wet foods that are usually preferred by dogs because of their sharper aroma. Wet dog food is also high in protein as well as fat, and usually contains fewer preservatives. Meanwhile, if you choose raw food, you must have a special storage place in your freezer, because this type of food is usually sold and needs to be stored frozen. So you also need to process it before you give this food to your beloved dog.

Some people believe that raw food is healthier for their dogs, although of course, it is necessary to pay extra attention to cleanliness and routine deworming because raw food usually contains worm eggs which can become parasites in your dog’s digestion. You also have to consider in terms of price and also the level of availability of dog food in your home, so that you don’t run out of food so that your dog is late to eat.

Quality dog ​​food does not always have to be expensive, therefore you should be able to choose a dog food that can really meet your needs for fat, protein, and carbohydrates without having to pay a high price. You also have to pay attention to the actors of the availability of this food in the market, don’t let you choose a dog food that is difficult to find in stores both online and offline. because sometimes it’s not easy to replace your dog food brand with another brand, especially if your dog is a picky eater.

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