Creative Ways to Clean Hair and Fur Carpet

The carpet is one of the furniture in the house that gets dirty easily. Not only caused by dust or dirt carried from outside the house, simple things like food spills to hair and pet hair that fall out can also make the carpet dirty. Please note, just vacuuming the carpet on a regular basis is not enough to clean the dirt on the carpet, especially hair and hair that can get caught in the carpet fibers. This type of dirt actually risks clogging your vacuum machine so that it becomes less efficient when used to clean carpets.

However, don’t worry. There are several creative ways from cleaning services to clean your carpet using unique tools that you can try at home.

Rubber gloves
Very simple. Put on rubber gloves and rub them on the carpet for a few moments. You will see a lot of hair and hair stuck to the gloves. Continue on all parts of the carpet, then vacuum. To remove any animal hair or hair stuck to the gloves, just rinse them thoroughly with water.

Sounds strange, a squeegee is a tool equipped with a flat knife made of rubber. This tool is usually used to clean glass in office buildings. Use this tool by rubbing it on the surface of your carpet. Fur and hair will clump on the carpet surface and on the squeegee. Remove as much hair and hair as possible, then vacuum the carpet until clean.

If you want your carpet to be perfectly free of animal hair, hair loss, and other impurities, it’s better to use a professional cleaning service like the one offered by us. We offer the best carpet cleaning services that use chemical safe cleaning agents. This of course will not only make your carpet clean but also safe for your health and your family.

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