Easy Steps to Create a Company Profile Website

The website is now an important necessity for businesses. Both online and offline businesses need a website to display the best image in cyberspace. Especially considering the current habit of people who always check what they are going to buy via the internet. The most effective way to get your business to appear in search results is to have a website. If your business doesn’t have a website, it’s unlikely that it will appear in Google search results. That is why you need to visit web design services in london. By appearing in Google search results, the credibility of your business also increases. Based on the survey, 72 percent of business owners say a website increases the credibility of their business.

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Creating a company profile website is no longer exclusive to developers and programmers. Anyone can create a company profile website, including you. At this point, I will explain step by step to create a company profile website using WordPress.

Install WordPress
To start creating a company profile website, you must first have WordPress. Hosting and domains are also required so that your website can be accessed online.

Login to the WordPress Dashboard
After successfully installing WordPress, the next step you need to do is to open the WordPress dashboard or dashboard. Through the WordPress dashboard, you can easily manage your website, from changing themes, adding plugins, adding pages, to publishing a blog post.

Complete Company Identity
After successfully installing the chosen theme, the next step is to complete your company identity, from the company name, company tagline, company logo, to the favicon. This is important so that visitors can remember the company name and logo when opening your company profile website.

Create a page
There are at least three important pages that must be created for your company profile website, namely the About Us page, contact us, and products/services.

Add Menu
In order for your website visitors to easily find the information they need, you should also add a menu, both the main menu located at the top and the footer menu located at the bottom of the website.

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