How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight

Everyone has a different body size and makes it unique. Even so, surely having the ideal weight is the dream of most people. It’s not a matter of not loving one’s own body shape, having an ideal weight refers more to a healthy body condition. The reason is, having excess body weight or obesity has an adverse impact on body health. You can visit our website to know about your ideal BMI. You can count it by yourself, but to make it simple, just visit

Likewise with a bodyweight that is too light. In other words, having an ideal body weight is not about adhering to superficial beauty standards. Rather, having an ideal body weight is a manifestation of the effort to have a healthy body. So, people who have a healthy body can move and work more optimally. To find out if your body weight is ideal, you can visit -.

In contrast to the previous calculation method which distinguishes between male and female calculation methods, BMI is differentiated by age. For those under 20, there is another way to calculate it.

By using the BMI calculator, it will be known whether a person is in the ideal weight category or not. Even so, BMI can cause misunderstanding for athletes or sportsmen. This is because body weight also comes from muscle mass so that athletes can be declared overweight, even though they are not.

Before trying the BMI calculator, it is helpful to know some information regarding this calculation.

If the BMI number exceeds 25, you are overweight.
Meanwhile, if the BMI number is below 18 it means you are underweight.
If the BMI number exceeds the number 40, it is better to treat it as soon as possible because this number shows a sign of danger.

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