Managing Your Documents Easier with Acumatica

Have you ever encountered a difficult situation where you were asked to show evidence of a transaction that had occurred for a long time and it turned out that the evidence had not been included in your document management tools so you had to look for that evidence in the filing cabinet? Or a situation where you come across multiple versions of a design document for a product that you want to develop into a new product but you are not sure which version of the design to use. These difficulties can arise because the document management solution is separate from the solutions used in daily operational activities.

The following are the benefits that acumatica los angeles offers, where the streamlined function allows document management to be carried out in a solution used for daily operational activities.

Attach your document to any information on Acumatica
RFQ, Purchase Order, Quotation, Sales Order, Bills, Invoice, or whatever the transaction is, attach the related documents of the transaction from any location that can be accessed from your computer in the easiest way, namely drag and drop.

One of the obstacles to entering a document is that you have to first input the data then enter the related file using a separate document management software and then create a link to the file. With Acumatica, you can attach files to any data that is even in the process of being input, this can avoid the problem of forgetting to attach files found if you use a separate tool.

Find your documents quickly and easily
The Search in Files function on the Configuration >> Document Management >> Explore menu really helps you to find documents in a structured way so that you can find what you are looking for easily and quickly.

You can attach all file types and there are no compatibility issues. There is no limit to the file size, but you need to pay attention to the maximum storage capacity that has been prepared for Acumatica.

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