New Business Owners Can Do These Tips To Respond To Negative Reviews

Even though it’s not that fun, try to keep reading the reviews carefully. Try to understand the message you want to convey. See when the review was written and what the author’s name was. Then try to put yourself in the writer’s shoes, whether you think he was angry, annoyed, disappointed, or frustrated when writing the review. Next, think about whether there is anything that could be done to fix this? So regardless of the reviews you get, it’s good to stay calm and try to read them carefully. By doing this, it will be easier for you to read the situation and be able to think about the next steps. On the other hand, if you also receive fake reviews on Google, we highly recommend you read How to respond to fake Google reviews.

Then, maintain your professionalism and don’t involve your feelings when reading negative reviews. This one thing is certainly quite difficult to do but it’s good to try. This is so that as a businessman he can still think well and feel not chaotic. Remember that mistakes that occur in business, do not necessarily reflect your personality.

Then, you must respond to negative reviews wisely. We recommend that you provide feedback within at least 24 hours after the negative review has been made. If it is longer, then you might think that your place of business doesn’t care about the voice of the customer. If you make a promise and offer a solution when replying to a negative review, make sure it is thought through and honest. Also, keep the promises and solutions offered so that the same thing does not happen again.

Finally, even though the reviews are written by customers in a style that is painful to read, as a businessman, try to respond well, humbly, and professionally. Do not let you answer in a way and language style that is not good and later come up with new arguments that worsen the review in the eyes of other customers.

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