Self Defense And Food Gathering Are Essential For Survival In The Wild

When you get lost in the forest, you must not lose the fact that forest dwellers live in it. First of all, predators, which can be a great danger. Therefore, you have to arm yourself with something for your own safety. The most necessary tool of course will be a knife that not only protects against predatory animals but is also necessary for almost any purpose when you are in the wild. If you want to prepare a knife before you explore the wild, we suggest you visit to buy the best survival knives.

Although, if you do not have such an instrument, you can make your own.

How to make a stone knife:

Step 1: The most important thing is to find a durable stone that has a surface similar to glass.

Step 2: Take the bigger stone and use it to cut the stone in question.

Step 3: Gradually, the surface will sharpen, just like a real knife.

Also, a spear, which can also be useful for hunting, fishing, cooking over an open fire, would also be a good safety measure.

How to make a spear:

Step 1: Find strong branches. The tighter, the better.

Step 2: Make sure the wide part is comfortable enough to grip.

Step 3: Sharpen the other end with a knife or sharp object.

On the other hand, forests will provide you with two sources of food: plants and animals. It’s great if you know which of the plants, berries, and mushrooms are poisonous and which aren’t. If you’re not strong in this area, here are a few tips that won’t let you get poisoned.

Characteristics of poisonous plants:

– White or yellow berries;
– Plants with thorns;
– If you are not sure of your knowledge of mushrooms, it is better to get rid of all mushrooms;
– Plants with a bitter or soap-like taste;
– Bright/shiny leaves;
– Flowers in the form of an umbrella;
– The plant smells of almonds.

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