This Is How To Grind And Store Meat So It Lasts For A Long Time

When you want to grind the meat, make sure the meat used is fresh and doesn’t contain a lot of fat. Then, separate the fat with the meat. Cut the meat crosswise, separate it from the tough fat. Fat will be used in the next process. When done, store the chopped meat in the freezer for one to two hours or until it is half frozen. In the final stage, place the meat and fat into the grinder. If so, add the spices as needed, such as garlic, pepper, salt, and nutmeg. Enter the spices on the last mill, then stir until blended. Ground meat can be formed. For the chopping process, you can do it manually or a grinder. However, to get a smooth and soft texture, you should use a grinding tool. Meanwhile, if you have a grinder but its parts are damaged, perhaps you want to visit a trusted meat grinder repair parts store immediately.

You can save the remaining ground beef for other preparations. How to store ground beef is very practical. Here are the recommended methods:

1. Storing raw ground beef: shape ground beef into small balls. Then, stack them in an airtight container and don’t overcrowd them. This makes the meatballs stick and difficult to remove. Store in the freezer. If it will be used again, wait for the temperature to be the same as the air temperature.

2. Storing cooked ground beef: cook meat first, sprinkle with a little salt. Cook fatty meat without using oil. For those without fat, you can use a little oil. If so, store it in a closed container and place it in the refrigerator, not in the freezer.

In addition, you also need to know how to check the quality of ground beef, such as:

1. Smell the ground beef. Use your sense of smell to determine the quality of ground beef. Fresh meat does not smell strange or strong.

2. Touch it. Fresh ground beef has a soft and smooth texture.

3. Pay attention to the color of the flesh. Good ground beef has a bold, fresh red color.

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