Tips For Choosing Men’s Watches Based On Body Posture

The read more is an accessory as well as a reminder of the time that makes you look handsome. There are a variety of men’s watches to choose from, namely watches made of stainless steel, plastic clocks, rubber watches, and even wooden watches. Customize it with your men’s fashion taste. Do you feel that you are unsuitable for the current watch? It could be that the clock is itchy on the skin because you are not diligent enough to clean it. The main cause of watches is not suitable to wear because of the size that does not fit your posture. How do you choose it?

3 Tips on Buying Men’s Watches by Body Shape

Fat man
For those of you who are super large, do not choose a men’s fashion watch that is small in size, because it will look ‘drowned’ in the hand. After all, a small watch makes it difficult for you to read the clock. Choose a watch that has a large diameter, and the strap is also large. The watch will look harmonious on your hand. Choose a clock that has a large diameter and is quite thick. Thin watches are lighter to wear, but they will look weird when you wear them. Large and thick clocks make you look macho even though an extra-large body.

The tall and thin man
For those of you who are tall but thin, do not buy a large watch. Watches that are too large will make your hands difficult to move and even interfere with daily activities. Moreover, the clock is very thick, so that makes your skin feel hot and prickly heat, even fungus, on the wrist. You can choose men’s fashion watches that are small in diameter and thin in size. That watch will make you look authoritative and more confident. Choose a watch strap that is neutral in color so that it is easily integrated with the color of your shirt and pants.

Athletic man
The athletic body shape is a dream for almost all men. If you are athletic, don’t choose a watch that is small in size and has a white color. Your macho image will disappear when you use it.

Choose a watch that is medium or large in diameter and dark in color. The watch will fit your posture. if necessary, buy 2 watches for different activities. You can use a plastic watch when you go out for a walk or when you play basketball on weekends. While watches made of stainless steel are more suitable for formal events, such as meetings in the office or meetings with clients in his office.

Are you still confused about which watch to buy? Men’s fashion clocks can be matched with your posture. If your body is jumbo, don’t buy a small watch. Conversely, if you are a small thin body, do not force yourself to buy a large size watch, just because you like the model.

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