What Are The Functions Of Heat Gun?

The Heat Gun is known as a device for emitting hot airflow. The hot air that is flowed varies in heat, some can reach 550 ° Celsius. It looks like a gun, or at first glance, it might resemble a hairdryer, but a heat gun delivers hot air that is much hotter than a hairdryer. So don’t point a heat gun at a person or at another person’s body. Meanwhile, if you want to buy a new heat gun, we recommend you read the best heat gun that you can buy.

So, what are the functions of a heat gun?

Bending iron

Because it was so hot, the heat gun machine could be used to bend iron. Because the air exhaled by this machine reaches 550 ° Celsius or around 1000 ° F. There are even some that reach 1,400 ° F. Because of that heat, heat gun machines can be used to bend iron.

Removing stickers

Another function of the heat gun machine is to remove stickers or wallpaper that stick to glass and walls. After being sprayed for a short time, the sticker will come off by itself due to the evaporating adhesive so that it can be easily removed.

Making glues stick better

Conversely, apart from being able to be used to remove stickers, it turns out that a heat gun machine can also be used to strengthen the glue bond. The method used is to heat the adhesive until it dries faster so that it will glue faster and stronger.

Paint removal

Heat gun machines can also be used to peel off old paint. Suitable for those of you who want to change paint and have to remove the paint beforehand. Heat gun machines are often used to make this paint peeling easier.

Removing the rusty bolts

Another advantage of this heat gun machine is that it can help open rusty bolts or nuts. Of course, rusted bolts will be much more difficult to remove if you only use the hand tool. Therefore, to make it easier to remove the bolts and nuts, you need to spray the bolts with a heat gun machine so that the iron becomes softer so that it helps the removal process.

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